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What is Content Marketing?

The advent of the internet, applications like Google & Facebook have made video content marketing a viable strategy for building awareness about you and your clinic or hospital. People with conditions, and their family or care givers, have an incredible appetite for information about the diagnosis. They are searching the internet for every morsel.

Why Video Content Works in Search Optimization

To fully understand why it works, lets look at how people typically search. When looking for something on the web, people type a phrase into a search engine like Google, they may or may not scan the snippets of text in the search engine result pages, then they go to the first result that seems to match what they’re looking for to see if that web page answers their question or not. If not, they go use the web browsers back button to return to the search result page and then they click on the second link that seems to answer their question. They might do this two or three times and, if they still don’t find what they’re looking for, they usually type in another, often more specific, phrase instead of looking at the same result page.
While people are searching like that, Google is testing things and tracking things like the user bounce rate and the user’s duration on your site. So if Google has determined that your page might be relevant for what people are searching, they will show them one of your pages to see what happens. If most of these users bounce off your site right back to the search result page — that’s a bad thing for you. It’s letting Google know that your page isn’t what those users were looking for and Google will stop featuring your content over other content that does better. On the other hand, if some of the users stay on your page for a while before clicking back to Google, or if they book mark your page or return to your page in a future search — that’s a good thing for you. Google will start to reward you (and the users) by featuring your content above other content that does worse.
That’s where video comes in. A certain percentage of people are willing to watch short videos that seem to address the subject matter that they’re searching. Google will notice this and that page will rise to the top of the listings.

But Content Marketing media is distinguished from a mere advertisement because the intent of the media is to add some value to the viewer’s life.

Value typically means helpful information, news or entertainment. In content marketing, content is created to provide consumers with the information they seek. So as people search for answers, you want to give them what they’re looking for.